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Roxie the reading dog has been certified with the R.E.A.D program a part of Intermountain Therapy Animals. She is also a member of Love on a leash dedicated to service dogs and Mavie and friends one dedicated to rescue animals. Roxie is currently working at Gloria Hicks Elementary schools where she reads with Students to encourage reading out loud, word recognition and improved retention. Students have responded with enthusiasm with their new reading partner looking forward to sharing a story and showing Roxie the pictures.  

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Read with me Roxie

Christine Martin and Roxie

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News report seen on on Channel 3 January 11, 2012

A local woman and her dog are on a mission to instill the love of reading in children.  Roxie is a 4-year old Golden Retriever.  Christine Martin, a communications student at Texas A&M Corpus Christi, rescued her from an animal shelter as a puppy and trained her to do wonderful things.  Roxie has been taught specific cues, like to put a paw in a book, to look at pictures and to actively listen to children just learning to read.

Wednesday, Roxie visited the library at Corpus Christi ISD's Gloria Hicks Elementary to help motivate students to read out loud, learn new words, and improve comprehension.

Roxie, a dog of few words, is inspiring children to read and making friends.  Christine hopes Roxie is invited into more schools to motivate even more children to read.

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